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Tenant Screening Form

                                        Shenandoah Village Apartments

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                                                          Apt 1-D

                                             Martinsburg, WV 25404


TENANT NAME:______________________________________

SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBER:_______________________________________


PHONE NUMBER:___________________________________________________

     I, the above named individual, as a Prospective Tenant making application at the offices of Shenandoah Village Apartments for the purpose of renting a residential apartment unit, do hereby consent and release to Shenandoah Village Apartments, by and through its agents, my consent to conduct any and all actions necessary for the purpose of determining my suitability as a Tenant, including but not limited to the following:

 - Running a Credit Check and obtaining a Credit Report

 - Running a Background Check, including a Criminal History and Fraud Report

 - Running a Landlord/Tenant History

 - Speaking with my current employer and past employers

 - Speaking with any person listed or named as a referral

 - Using my Name and Social Security Number for the purpose of conducting any actions set forth herein, or for any other purpose related to determining my suitability as a Tenant.

As a Prospective Tenant, I further acknowledge and agree to pay any and all fees and/or costs associated with or necessary to conduct the actions stated herein, in advance. I further acknowledge and agree that any and all fees and/or costs paid by me associated with or necessary to conduct the actions stated herein, shall be nonrefundable, regardless of whether or not become a Tenant of Shenandoah Village Apartments. Furthermore, I specifically authorize any entity receiving this Release and Consent, bearing my signature, to release any and all records, documents, or reports in your possession associated with my name and social security number, for the purposes set forth herein.

Signature, Prospective Tenant_________________________________ Date_________________________

The cost for tenant screening is $42.00 per tenant.  If approved, you will receive a $42.00 credit on your first months’ rent